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Planted before 1841 the traditional orchards of Haylings Farm have been producing the juiciest, sweetest English plums for over a century. Today, our 1 600 trees are home to an abundance of thriving animal and plant species – including the Green Woodpecker, a bird we hope will be resident for hundreds of years to come. Why? Because our ethos is to produce delicious fruit but not at the expense of the environment. No pesticides. No sprays. Just the plums you and we love to eat.



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You’ll love our range of plum jams. They’re made from individual varieties of plums specifically chosen for their taste and distinctive colour. 60g of plums are mixed with 40g of sugar per 100 grams. The plums are cooked with their skins on for a fuller colour and with stones so as to extract more pectin. Before artificial pectin was introduced, Blaisdon Reds were commonly used as a base for jams such as strawberry – owing to their high levels of pectin. Honouring tradition, no pectin is added to our jams, just a dash of lemon juice that contains citric acid, nature’s very own preservative.

Also available...

Delicious coulis, pickles, jellies, crumbles, juices and compotes. Or why not try Bramley and Gage's Plum Liqueur made in nearby Thornbury using our very own Blaisdon Red plums. Please contact us for more details.