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Planted before 1841 the traditional orchards of Haylings Farm have been producing the juiciest, sweetest English plums for over a century. Today, our 1 600 trees are home to an abundance of thriving animal and plant species – including the Green Woodpecker, a bird we hope will be resident for hundreds of years to come. Why? Because our ethos is to produce delicious fruit but not at the expense of the environment. No pesticides. No sprays. Just the plums you and we love to eat.



Our Plums

Rich hues of red, orange, green, yellow and purple… Plums come is all shapes, colours and sizes. At Haylings' Farm we offer the widest variety of plums. All different in taste and texture. All equally delicious.


Victoria - Dessert/Culinary/Jam

The best known English plum. Ripens in late August. Originally bred in Sussex in the 1840s and named after Queen Victoria. Very juicy and sweet with the flesh readily seperating from the stone (freestone).

Cambridge Gage -Dessert /Culinary

Discovered 1927 in Cambridgeshire. Similar to the Old Greengage in flavour though some customers prefer it as it is not a sweet. Ripens in mid-August.


Blaisdon Red - Dessert/Culinary/Jam

Traditional English jam plum but also has a good strong sweet flavour when ripe. Discovered by a Mr Dowding in the nearby village of Blaisdon in 1892. Ripens late August the same time as Victorias. It is said that Blaisdon Reds were found in the Antartic huts of the ill-fated Scott expedition as they are reputed to assist in combating the effects of extreme cold.


Dennistons Superb - Dessert/Culinary

A delicious dessert gage that ripens late August.Discovered in Flushing, New York c 1790 and originally called Imperial Gage. Medium sized yellow oval fruit with similar texture to a greengage.


Damson Shropshire Prune - Culinary

Damsons are thought to originate in Damascus, a few thousand years ago, hence the name. They make a delicious, beautifully coloured and tasty jam. Of course there is also the well known Damson Gin.

Marjories Seedlings - Dessert/Culinary

One of the last plums to ripen at the end of August/beginning September. Originated in Staffordshire in 1912. Large, juicy yellow fleshed plums.